Chub Jang


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Dear Diary,

It finally happened and my efforts have been rewarded. Even If I had to throw some expensive flowers at her… but I found a stunner today from one of those terrible discos.

Remember how I talked with Chub Jang yesterday? I went back to her disco and had a nice talk with her tonight. She decided to join me at my hotel and I was even allowed to take some pictures. Man, I was really excited about this.

Once we arrived in my room, she started to pose and was being a funny girl. I like this girl. She’s my type. Cute face, nice body and is a horny bitch. She was giggling every time I tried to touch her or take pics of her ass but I slowly got where I wanted to be. Man, horny stuff!

Even though she asked me to use a condom, I still really enjoyed it. She was nice enough to let me fuck her at the end without one.. so long as I would not cum inside of her.

I was a little disappointed that she didn’t want to sleep over but I was, after all, quite satisfied anyways. I hope you are too 🙂

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