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Dear Diary – Do you remember Shiela? I met her on February 5th at the Clark airbase. She was one of my first Filipinas and my first outdoor sex encounter on Philippine ground. We kept on texting for the past few months because I was hoping to meet her twin sister but she always had an excuse for not bringing her. So I gave up on her and stopped texting her for a while. But 3 days ago she saw me walking on Fields avenue and started texting me again. I acted uninterested and that’s when she told me that she had a very cute friend who wanted to meet me. The girl was with Shiela when they saw me barhopping but they were too shy to come talk with me (which means: they were dating another guy).

Anyways, I was of course interested in meeting her friend so this morning they arrived at my hotel room around 9am. I told the front desk that they were welcome in my room so they were sent up to me. There she was; Ann, a half Filipina half Australian who’s a very cute girl with a nice skinny body, very white skin and a little naive as well. She did everything I asked her to do and was clearly in a state of ‘I LOVE THAT FOREIGNER’ with a big smile on at all times. Girls who are in love are sooooo easy. So, of course, I took advantage of the situation and asked her to give me a bj. No problemo! 2 minutes later I asked Shiela to join in… to get into a nice morning threesome.

Ann’s BJ wasn’t that great but Shiela took over. The fuck was better! We ended with a great doggie fuck with both of them. I creampied Ann, that’s obvious thing to do… After all that went down, they went home and Ann told me she hoped to see me again. I told Shiela to bring me more girls like that. After Laiza bringing me girls, I found another pussy-delivery girl in Shiela… better times are coming 🙂
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